Today will be a good day (and a challenging one). I go to donate blood tonight; which means I need to fit in my workout this afternoon. Normally, that wouldn’t be  much of a challenge; but today I have all kids home. Time for some creative scheduling.Workout aside, I also have to drink extra water to be sure I’m plenty hydrated for tonight’s donation. This could get interesting. After donating, I’ll get another mini workout at the grocery store. (Usually about 1-2 hours of walking around.)

I’m hoping my knees will take this all gracefully. Day to day soreness varies and today my right knee is feeling the last few days of working out.  Starting to feel the abs tightening up too. While that means some soreness, it also means progress!

Yesterday’s Workout: Pick Your Level Pilates w/ a bonus 30mins of snow shoveling (Did I mention how much I love winter. :/ )

Remember you can always track my workouts at  Daily Mile .

Dietary Progress: I’ve been able to sneak in more fruits and veggies. Snack of the day: Carrots w/ peanut butter.

Challenges: Soreness.

Today’s Planned Work Out: Pick Your Level Pilates or I may try a new workout: Crunch: Fat-Burning Pilates.