Some of you may notice that my workout changed from the planned activity yesterday. My husband and I went out and purchased a  Schwinn 220 recumbent exercise bike.  This machine has been amazing so far. I’m hoping to integrate it into my workout daily with the added Total Resculpt or Pilates videos. I’m finding that the more I do this (working out), the more excited I am to keep going. I feel very energized right now and I love that feeling! Now all I need to do is get that added sleep. It seems like we can’t get to bed before 11:30PM any night (unless we’re sick). It’s definitely difficult to find that balance, as my husband and I truly enjoy our time together and it seems to always be limited.


Yesterday’s Workout: Schwinn 220 Cycling, 7 miles in 35 mins.

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Challenges: Need to start getting more sleep!

Today’s Planned Work Out: Schwinn 220 Cycling, 10.7  miles in 40 mins.