Happy Valentines Day to all! I hope that all who are watching their calories/diets aren’t too tempted by the sweets that usually accompany Valentine’s. I know that chocolate is a big weak spot for myself.

Yesterday I ended up cycling for 20 mins and dropped the extra workout. It was nice to have gotten in the cycling and I still was under calories. Decided to go ahead and decrease my daily calorie goal from 1870 to 1570. That should give me about 1.5 per week of weight loss. I typically achieved that number before, so I figured…might as well make it a goal. I like results, and this should help me get them.


Yesterday’s Workout: Schwinn 220 Cycling, 5 mile in 20 mins.

Remember you can always track my workouts at Daily Mile .

Dietary Progress: Journaling at http://www.myfitnesspal.com

Challenges: Getting in plenty of fruits and veggies.

Today’s Planned Work Out:  Schwinn 220 Cycling, 7.6 mile in 30 mins.