…..and 22 days later I reappear. Wish I had a good excuse but…alas….I am without one.

Life has been crazy and the last month has been challenging for my diet as well. I’ve had good days, and I’ve had bad days (although, not as bad as they could have been). There has been one common denominator on bad days- STRESS. Ranging all over the board from work, to volunteering, colds,to selling our house….you name it and I’ve probably stressed it. However, God is good and He keeps it manageable.

I’m glad to say that today I reached a half way point of 15.6 lbs lost. I’m definitely feeling the difference already. I’m hoping that I can keep that momentum going and exceed the original goal I set out with at the beginning of this year. There’s still is 15 lbs to go though….and I have a feeling they will not be easy to get rid of.