Two months have gone by….and I feel like I’ve hit a plateau here. 4/5lbs to go and lots of challenges lately, including a week long family vacation. Relaxing – yes, Good for the Diet – well, it could have been worse. So to get “back on the horse” I’ve started doing the Biggest Loser CardioMax video. WOW! is that a good workout. I thought after 120+ days my body had improved (and it has… ) but this just took it up another notch. Muscle groups that haven’t been “worked-out” in I don’t know how long have come to life…and the soreness I’m feeling from 2 days ago is proof of that. Encouraging to feel the burn though.

How are you’re journeys going? Have you stayed on track? It’s said it takes 90 days to change a habit, so if you’re just getting started… keep at it! time really does go quickly and it’s so worth it. If you’ve taken a detour from you’re original commitment….now’s a great time to pick it back up.

Here are some great sites to help you out: and

I’ve benefited from them 10-fold already and the best part is they are free. (It will help keep you accountable as well.)

Hope to be back in about a week with an update on the Week 1 of CardioMax. Until then…keep moving! 🙂