The number on the scale this morning blew me away. When I began this, I thought 30lbs was going to take a whole year, today I’m thinking…”you can do 30 more”. My body feels different, my spirit is different….all that in 6 months.

For some of you just joining the journey with me…let me tell you, I was once in a place where I knew I needed to lose weight but just wasn’t motivated enough to do it. I have to give some credit to Biggest Loser for the motivation to keep going. This last season on the show there was a young girl, Courtney, on it; she weighed 390lbs at the start of the show. I thought…” This young lady weighs more than me….if she can do it, so can I.” As each week went by, I was more and more motivated to keep going. Of course, I wasn’t dropping weight at the rate they were, but I was losing weight.

So where do i go from here?

My next goal has been set, and in my eyes it’s a pretty lofty one… Lose another 30lbs by my birthday, for a total of 60lbs lost this year. If  I can reach that goal: I will  be back in the 100’s, at a weight I haven’t seen since my first pregnancy- 7 years ago. I know I CAN DO IT… and I hope you all continue to support me as I move forward on my journey. It has meant so much to see all the Facebook “LIKES” and comments on my posts.  THANK YOU!