….and…. I’m off.

Every feel like your life is in a constant state of GO?

I know I do, and sometimes I need to remind myself to stop and take a minute to slow down and take care of my needs.  Today, that is going to be even more challenging as I prepare our house for a showing. For those of you who have had a house on the market…you know my pain. Now add in 4 children, trapped inside (it’s wet/rainy outside right now), and you got yourself on interesting situation.  Add to that the fact that the house is going to be shown at supper time, which means that we’ll be taking our family out; it could very well spell disaster for my diet.  My goal is to muster up enough energy to complete my workout for the evening and not ruin my progress during supper. I know I can do it,but will I have the motivation to get it all done?

Track my workouts at Daily Mile .

Dietary Progress: Journaling at My Fitness Pal.

Challenges: Getting in the exercise, while preparing the house for a showing.

Today’s Planned Work Out:  30 mins of weighted workout.