Hope everyone had a great weekend! We finally had some great weather, which meant lots of outdoor activities for our family; including mowing the lawn, swimming, and general outdoor play. We were able to get a bonfire in and a very nice family picnic on Sunday… and all that without blowing my diet. (Quick moment of celebration.)

Today, I have more house cleaning to do as we prepare for a Realtor walk through. It shouldn’t be too bad, as we just cleaned for a showing on Thursday; but we do have the everyday items that need to be looked after. It’s a pretty overcast day, and word from the weather man is rain is coming this afternoon; which means cleaning around the kids.  Should be lots of “fun“.

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Challenges: Getting to bed before 10:30pm

Today’s Planned Work Out: Schwinn 220, Pursuit, Lv. 12, 40min.