Today I hit a very personal marker in my journey of weight loss. I now weigh less than my weight when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. So literally, today, marks a weight I haven’t seen in 7.5 years! Sad, but awesome all at the same time. Let me add though, that this is still a big win for me; as I had hit a plateau in my weight loss for the past few months. I’ll call out my own part in this:  I had relaxed on keeping my diet in check and had not been consistently working out. It was good to know that I could maintain the weight; however, when your on a weight LOSS journey….maintaining is not what you should be doing.

I have finally gotten myself re-energized, thanks to a personal challenge from a family member, and I’m going back to my basics once again. Looking back at the last few months, I noticed an unhealthy trend that I tend to keep falling into…….not getting enough H2O! Let me tell you, that in the last 4 days, I have lost 4lbs. and it wasn’t because my diet was perfect (in fact, I was even over calorie intake at least 2 of the days). I will give full credit to keeping myself properly hydrated.  Who Knew?….okay, I knew, but like I said…bad habit. 🙂

So if there is any advice to throw out at you today: drink your water. A minimum of 64 fl. oz (8 glasses of water) a day! Don’t forget to add in more if you are working out or out in hot weather.

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Challenges: Drinking enough H2O and dealing w/congestion.

Today’s Planned Work Out:  Much will depend on my ability to exercise without getting dizziness due to head congestion.