The Garden of Eatin’ (Journey to a Heathier Me)

Journey to a Heathier Me

My Confession:

It sure has been a while. I do wish that the reason for not posting would be because I’ve kept myself accountable, but the ugly truth is… that’s not been the case. So here we are, almost at square one again; nearly 255lbs! (Yikes!) The last year has been catastrophic. Between not regulating what goes in and lack of physical exercise, the weight has just accumulated. The good news is I know I can get rid of this weight in a healthy way. It will just take some self control and dedication to get it done.

My plan:

I need to get back to daily or at least 5/7 days of workouts a week. In addition, I need to be keeping my food journal! It’s just that simple.

Do you know what would also help?… YOU!  That’s right, accountability! Comment on the blog, add me on MyFitnessPal or on DailyMile. Perhaps even come along on the journey. I can promise it’s not easy, but I bet the end results will be.

Accountibality Center:

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Thanks for listening,