I hate that feeling when your pants don’t fit just right, when your wardrobe is paired down to the minimal because you just can’t fit anything else; yet here I am. Ashamed of what I’ve let my body become. Back at square one. I have gained all the weight I had lost plus some,and today I declare, “I am no longer willing to live like this”.

So what’s going to change?

I have joined up with the 2016 Lean on the Lakeshore 100 Day Challenge. I have a team and a trainer to help guide and support me as I look to make this adjustment a permanent change in my lifestyle. I will be blogging about this journey, as well as food and exercise journaling through myfitnesspal.com. (Look me up and add me as a friend: JoubertCG.) I have also made a commitment to do 30mins a day of workouts.

In the following weeks, you can watch for daily posts that will include the following information:

Planned workout for the day:

Biggest Success yesterday:

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Goal for tomorrow:

This is to help me stay accountable and perhaps to inspire you the reader to ‘try to keep up’.  I hope you will journey with me as I work to make 2016 a healthier year, not just for me, but for my family as well.