I think this post’s image says it all. Fat, prepare yourself a funeral. I am done with you. It is time to make my body stronger and healthier and there is no room for you here.

Today I am determined to get into the gym and start making the changes necessary to improve my lifestyle. I will also be attending ‘Better Bag of Groceries’ to improve how we shop for the food that comes into our home. Looking forward to learning something new tonight.

Planned workout for the day:

11am Elliptical and Strength Training | 4pm Water Class | 5:15 Spinning

Biggest Success yesterday:

Drinking 64oz of water.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Staying awake! After a long weekend, I was exhausted. To confess, I did not get in any workout yesterday…here’s to improving those stats today!

Goal for tomorrow:

Get at least a 30min workout in. Drink 64oz of water.