The 100 Day Challenge: Day 3

The 100 Day Challenge, Weight Loss

Well, I’m happy to report that I have made it through a full day of working out, homeschooling, working and being a wife/mom. I had a successful morning workout along side my trainer. I was late to the 4pm water class, but was still able to get in a good 25 min workout. The warm water pool was super relaxing on my beat up muscles from the morning. I decided to skip the Spinning class so I wouldn’t cause to much pain in my knees. This also allowed me to sneak in a quick meal before the ‘Better Bag of Groceries’ seminar.

From the seminar, I was able to finally understand the NU Val system they have in place at Festival Foods. I’m really looking forward to use this information to purchase more nutritional foods for the family, and perhaps save some money by comparing brands we normally by with the store varieties.

Planned workout for the day:

5pm Water Class | 7pm Team Strength Training

Biggest Success yesterday:

I made it through a full day of working out!


I managed to stay under my calorie goal for the day.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Facing the fact that I’m really out of shape.

Goal for tomorrow:

Finding an evening class to workout for the day.