Back again after another awesome workout with #Relentless. It felt really good to be back on the spin bike again. I am finding that my bottom has forgotten what those seats feel like though and in return has been a tad sore. My original plan for the day included Water Volleyball but instead I decided to take a break from all work and try to refocus myself. This in theory was a great idea. In execution, however,  not as much. I did finally get to finish a book I’ve been wanting to read and even got a few minutes of peace from work. Alas, duty calls. Definitely going to be interesting balancing all these eggs in one basket.

Planned workout for the day:

6:30 Walking Clinic

Biggest Success yesterday:

Did a full 45min Spin class.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Busy, Busy schedule.

Goal for tomorrow:

Get in one strength and one cardio workout.