The 100 Day Challenge: Day 9

The 100 Day Challenge, Weight Loss

You may have noticed that I hadn’t blogged over the weekend. So let me begin with how the weekend went. Saturday was complex and definitely a challenge. I was hosting a family Christmas event that evening, and when I host, I like to make good food and desserts. So my plan going into the day was to eat lighter earlier in the day to have a little wiggle room at night. I’m happy to say that this part went really well. My husband and I even got in a Pilates workout before everyone arrived. Then it was time for the party. It is amazing how much a small dessert can add up the calories. Needless to say I did end up going over my calorie count, but luckily it wasn’t ground breaking.

Sunday went pretty well and was overall very relaxing. After and early start, the afternoon was mostly relaxing and conversational. By supper time, I wasn’t even very hungry, so keeping calories in check was easier. To round out our day, we had the whole family join in the Pilates workout. It was a fun way to end a great day.

Enter MONDAY. (That’s an evil word isn’t it.) And this one even comes with a theme:

Pain is only Temporary!

Thank you Coach Joni.

I started out my morning with a good breakfast and coffee. Then I headed into the gym to meet up with my LoL Coach Joni for a strength training torture session. Oh, of the many ways she could torture train me…we settled on TRX. In all honesty, it is a great workout and I really like that it is much nicer to my knees than other things I have tried. We also worked in some kettle bell work. (I’m thankful that I can still walk…talk about a quad workout!) She was definitely #relentless! We rounded out the workout with some work on the Reformer. This is a new machine to me, but it’s pretty sweet. Lots of Pilates like moves that really challenge your muscles. By the end of our time together, I was a sweaty mess!

So, one workout in for the day and another planed for tonight at 4pm. Then I’m headed back home to cook dinner for some friends. Game plan is set, now all I need to do is execute.

Til tomorrow…


Planned workout for the day:

9am Strength Training | 4pm Hydropower

Biggest Success this weekend:

Getting in all the workouts and water.

Biggest Challenge this weekend:

Christmas Party.

Goal for tomorrow:

Trying to get to the pool for some water volleyball in the morning.