That is today’s word of the day. As in it hurts to sit. But pain is progress as long as you don’t let it slow you down. (I need to coin that phrase.)

I missed my goal to get up and out the door for volleyball this morning. Apparently I was tired. Who would have guessed? (Insert sarcasm.) So that item still remains a goal to check off this week. Next opportunity is Thursday morning.

As for food, last nights meal had the potential for disaster…read friends, carbs and dessert. Good news is I didn’t completely blow my plan! I was able to have a delicious meal and dessert and not overdo it. I should add that I re-adjusted my numbers yesterday on MyFitnessPal to reflect a lower calorie intake. So the fact that I went over by 84 calories but just decreased down 200 calories from my normal allowance = I still win. Today has been going well too, and I still have a generous amount left for my evening meal. So I think I will try to split that up with a snack this afternoon and eating a little less at supper so I don’t explode during our group workout.

Planned workout for the day:

7pm #Relentless group pool class

Biggest Success yesterday:

Pushed through a challenging strength workout and made it back in for the 4pm Hydropower class.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Kettlebells. I think that last set broke something.

Goal for tomorrow:

Drink even more water.