My journey begins in 2002. I was off to college, in a new state, ready to start a new chapter from a past that was full of hurt. It was a new beginning, little did I know the changes that awaited me. It was there in college, that a friend introduced me to Numinous. I was very skeptical and had already written off religion as something I wanted to have no part of. Out of curiosity, I went to a service with her. When I arrived I was so warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. It was nothing like what I had experience in the past. That day I had made the decision to give faith a second chance and let God back into my life.

As the months progressed, a change was being made. My heart was yearning to learn more than what I had been taught in years past. The body of Numinous helped by supporting me and my spiritual growth; by asking me to go deeper than I ever had. I felt much like an infant. There was so much more to God that I could ever imagined, and I wanted to know Him. I longed to feel His presence. I wanted to learn to grow in His ways.

It wasn’t until I left college and Numinous, that I understood or could look back on what I had experienced there. It very quickly became clear that these people, the body of Numinous, we’re different from most. Their passion to follow the truth, to continually pursue Christ and share in community made them so unique. They were actively staying involved in each others lives, encouraging each other to grow and push deeper. Never in my time since, have I found anything like it.

I still keep in touch with the Numini, those that dare to be different in a world that is anything but. I owe them a lot for what they’ve done in my life. Had I not met them, my life would be tragically different; still wandering on a path that strays far from God. This journey has given me hope; it has shown me the strength that lies within a community of believers. These people are family and someday I hope to go back home. Until then, I will continue to participate and observe from afar; spreading what I have learned there to those I meet along the journey.