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The 100 Day Challenge:Day 10


That is today’s word of the day. As in it hurts to sit. But pain is progress as long as you don’t let it slow you down. (I need to coin that phrase.)

I missed my goal to get up and out the door for volleyball this morning. Apparently I was tired. Who would have guessed? (Insert sarcasm.) So that item still remains a goal to check off this week. Next opportunity is Thursday morning.

As for food, last nights meal had the potential for disaster…read friends, carbs and dessert. Good news is I didn’t completely blow my plan! I was able to have a delicious meal and dessert and not overdo it. I should add that I re-adjusted my numbers yesterday on MyFitnessPal to reflect a lower calorie intake. So the fact that I went over by 84 calories but just decreased down 200 calories from my normal allowance = I still win. Today has been going well too, and I still have a generous amount left for my evening meal. So I think I will try to split that up with a snack this afternoon and eating a little less at supper so I don’t explode during our group workout.

Planned workout for the day:

7pm #Relentless group pool class

Biggest Success yesterday:

Pushed through a challenging strength workout and made it back in for the 4pm Hydropower class.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Kettlebells. I think that last set broke something.

Goal for tomorrow:

Drink even more water.

The 100 Day Challenge: Day 9

You may have noticed that I hadn’t blogged over the weekend. So let me begin with how the weekend went. Saturday was complex and definitely a challenge. I was hosting a family Christmas event that evening, and when I host, I like to make good food and desserts. So my plan going into the day was to eat lighter earlier in the day to have a little wiggle room at night. I’m happy to say that this part went really well. My husband and I even got in a Pilates workout before everyone arrived. Then it was time for the party. It is amazing how much a small dessert can add up the calories. Needless to say I did end up going over my calorie count, but luckily it wasn’t ground breaking.

Sunday went pretty well and was overall very relaxing. After and early start, the afternoon was mostly relaxing and conversational. By supper time, I wasn’t even very hungry, so keeping calories in check was easier. To round out our day, we had the whole family join in the Pilates workout. It was a fun way to end a great day.

Enter MONDAY. (That’s an evil word isn’t it.) And this one even comes with a theme:

Pain is only Temporary!

Thank you Coach Joni.

I started out my morning with a good breakfast and coffee. Then I headed into the gym to meet up with my LoL Coach Joni for a strength training torture session. Oh, of the many ways she could torture train me…we settled on TRX. In all honesty, it is a great workout and I really like that it is much nicer to my knees than other things I have tried. We also worked in some kettle bell work. (I’m thankful that I can still walk…talk about a quad workout!) She was definitely #relentless! We rounded out the workout with some work on the Reformer. This is a new machine to me, but it’s pretty sweet. Lots of Pilates like moves that really challenge your muscles. By the end of our time together, I was a sweaty mess!

So, one workout in for the day and another planed for tonight at 4pm. Then I’m headed back home to cook dinner for some friends. Game plan is set, now all I need to do is execute.

Til tomorrow…


Planned workout for the day:

9am Strength Training | 4pm Hydropower

Biggest Success this weekend:

Getting in all the workouts and water.

Biggest Challenge this weekend:

Christmas Party.

Goal for tomorrow:

Trying to get to the pool for some water volleyball in the morning.


The 100 Day Challenge: Day 6

Yesterday was both wonderful and rough. I had a chance to unwind a bit from the hectic schedule I have created for myself. Then I went to the Walking Clinic, and that’s where it got a bit rough. The last few times I’ve tried walking on the track at the Wellness center, my lower calves have been screaming! Then my foot arch decided to join the party. Now, in general, my calves do not hurt when I walk. It seems that when I try to keep a faster pace, my legs hate it and within a lap or two they get angry. It was really frustrating to say the least and nearly had me in tears a few times. I had also planned to do an extra workout yesterday, but completely failed at doing so. Instead I went grocery shopping and got some good food in the house. By the end of the night, my knees were back to being  swollen and my feet were sore. Bright side is, tomorrow is another day to try again.

Planned workout for the day:

Noon- Strength Training | 30 min elliptical or recumbent

Biggest Success yesterday:

Taking some time to relax. It was also another good food day.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:


Goal for tomorrow:

Getting a good morning cardio workout in.
Not over-eating at the family Christmas gathering I’m hosting.

The 100 Day Challenge: Day 5

Back again after another awesome workout with #Relentless. It felt really good to be back on the spin bike again. I am finding that my bottom has forgotten what those seats feel like though and in return has been a tad sore. My original plan for the day included Water Volleyball but instead I decided to take a break from all work and try to refocus myself. This in theory was a great idea. In execution, however,  not as much. I did finally get to finish a book I’ve been wanting to read and even got a few minutes of peace from work. Alas, duty calls. Definitely going to be interesting balancing all these eggs in one basket.

Planned workout for the day:

6:30 Walking Clinic

Biggest Success yesterday:

Did a full 45min Spin class.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Busy, Busy schedule.

Goal for tomorrow:

Get in one strength and one cardio workout.

The 100 Day Challenge: Day 4

It was great to be able to workout with #Relentless last night. We all had so much fun we decided to do it again tonight!  There’s just something special about working out with people who are right where your at, who have got your back. I’m excited to get back on the spin bikes again. It’s been a while, but I really ended up enjoying it last year. Here’s to hoping tonight goes as well as last night.

Planned workout for the day:

5pm Spinning with #Relentless

Biggest Success yesterday:

Staying under my caloric goal.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Sore forearm. Ouch!

Goal for tomorrow:

Finding some time to rest.

The 100 Day Challenge: Day 3

Well, I’m happy to report that I have made it through a full day of working out, homeschooling, working and being a wife/mom. I had a successful morning workout along side my trainer. I was late to the 4pm water class, but was still able to get in a good 25 min workout. The warm water pool was super relaxing on my beat up muscles from the morning. I decided to skip the Spinning class so I wouldn’t cause to much pain in my knees. This also allowed me to sneak in a quick meal before the ‘Better Bag of Groceries’ seminar.

From the seminar, I was able to finally understand the NU Val system they have in place at Festival Foods. I’m really looking forward to use this information to purchase more nutritional foods for the family, and perhaps save some money by comparing brands we normally by with the store varieties.

Planned workout for the day:

5pm Water Class | 7pm Team Strength Training

Biggest Success yesterday:

I made it through a full day of working out!


I managed to stay under my calorie goal for the day.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Facing the fact that I’m really out of shape.

Goal for tomorrow:

Finding an evening class to workout for the day.

The 100 Day Challenge: Day 2

I think this post’s image says it all. Fat, prepare yourself a funeral. I am done with you. It is time to make my body stronger and healthier and there is no room for you here.

Today I am determined to get into the gym and start making the changes necessary to improve my lifestyle. I will also be attending ‘Better Bag of Groceries’ to improve how we shop for the food that comes into our home. Looking forward to learning something new tonight.

Planned workout for the day:

11am Elliptical and Strength Training | 4pm Water Class | 5:15 Spinning

Biggest Success yesterday:

Drinking 64oz of water.

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Staying awake! After a long weekend, I was exhausted. To confess, I did not get in any workout yesterday…here’s to improving those stats today!

Goal for tomorrow:

Get at least a 30min workout in. Drink 64oz of water.

The 100 Day Challenge: DAY 1

I hate that feeling when your pants don’t fit just right, when your wardrobe is paired down to the minimal because you just can’t fit anything else; yet here I am. Ashamed of what I’ve let my body become. Back at square one. I have gained all the weight I had lost plus some,and today I declare, “I am no longer willing to live like this”.

So what’s going to change?

I have joined up with the 2016 Lean on the Lakeshore 100 Day Challenge. I have a team and a trainer to help guide and support me as I look to make this adjustment a permanent change in my lifestyle. I will be blogging about this journey, as well as food and exercise journaling through (Look me up and add me as a friend: JoubertCG.) I have also made a commitment to do 30mins a day of workouts.

In the following weeks, you can watch for daily posts that will include the following information:

Planned workout for the day:

Biggest Success yesterday:

Biggest Challenge yesterday:

Goal for tomorrow:

This is to help me stay accountable and perhaps to inspire you the reader to ‘try to keep up’.  I hope you will journey with me as I work to make 2016 a healthier year, not just for me, but for my family as well.


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