My Weight Loss Journey

After a great 2011 with a weight loss of 39lbs.,  2012 ended in tragedy with a weight gain of nearly 30lbs!! Most of which can be accredited to the summer of Ice Cream and lack of workouts to at least maintain the weight I had lost the previous year.
This journey has bought many challenges with it. The struggle to stay motivated being at the top of the list.  Followed next by the self talk that tells you “Why bother?” or “You’re not worth it.”, but the truth is I AM WORTH IT! and I deserve to be healthy and active. {ahh…but there’s the other catch…….my knees}

For the last 3 years I have been treating issues with my knees. Specifically, chondromalacia {sp?}.In English, it was explained to me like this: the cartilage on the back side of my knee cap is deteriorating. Best described as old paint that bubbles and then flakes off when rubbed. To add to the measure, I have Osteoarthritis. So the spurs that are caused by the arthritis rub against the deteriorating cartilage, which then flakes away; which then causes inflammation, discomfort and pain in my knees.  The catch 22 is that losing weight would help my knees by taking pressure off my knees that would accelerate the rubbing, but the exercises that make workouts fun, and in my opinion successful,I can’t do. {I was told it’s best to stick to swimming and biking.} 

So the challenge is then what to do about this. How do I make workouts fun and functional, and stay motivated??

Well, I’ve made a decision that I’m going to continue some of the activities that may worsen my knee condition and speed up the need of medical attention to relieve the pain. One activity is Volleyball.  {I tearfully sought the advice of my husband, in a conversation following my very recent post-op knee scoping; and asked him to continue with my league that I play in. This is a very big request, as medical bills are not cheap!; but I was so unprepared to give that up right now. And…like the prince that he is he consented.}  I also have decided that part of my activity will be from workout videos. I have 2 different videos from Biggest Loser at home. One is the Calorie Knock Out. There is a warm-up and three sessions on the DVD. I’ve found the warm-up and Session 1 are usually enough to get the heart going without causing to much additional stress on me knees. (For instance I can use modified jumping jacks.) I am hoping the between the volleyball and videos I can get a more complete workout that I enjoy. I also plan on adding cycling on my recumbent bike and weight training at Planet Fitness.

My Fiscal Cliff

This year my husband and I will pay off my student loan. For the last 3 years we have been working Dave Ramsey’s- Financial Peace University. We have recently picked up more momentum as we see the finish line in the not to far distance. With the potential to be debt free {except the mortgage} by the start of Summer, we are plugging every extra dime we can scrape into the debt. (That’s with conditions mimicking last year, September if a few items fall short of goal.) I ,personally, am so ready to leap off this mountain of debt that has loomed overhead for the last 10 years!

My Faith

In 2013 I look forward to many things, but at the very top is watching God move through the community of people we walk with. I’m looking forward to the challenges and successes we will walk through this year as we dive deeper into the Word and build a community of faith and fellowship. My “resolution” this year is to seek Him always, but especially in matters of guidance in leadership, meeting Him daily for “Us Time”, and obedience to His word.

The Resolution

Recommitting to a healthier lifestyle, becoming “DEBT FREE”, and Going and Growing Deeper  in 2013.