Today’s plan is to try the new Calorie Knockout video. We’ll see who knocks who out. I’ve been battling some head stuffiness since before the holidays…so I’m hoping that I can push through the lack of efficient breathing and do the whole video. I’ll try to post an update later on how it went, or as with my last challenge; follow my on where I post most of my workouts.

Today also starts my effort to get back to better eating habits. As I’ve proven through the holidays…weight likes to add on faster than it likes to fall off; and this holiday I added 5lbs of weight back on that could have been prevented with some better eating. Easy items to call out: no breakfast, less water intake (that’s a big one), and chocolate (why oh why do I love you so?).

With only 273 days left, I better get my buns in gear and get off this computer; I’m going to need each of those days!